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Meet krista

I originally envisioned Kindle Kandle as a candle line designed for kids. So what exactly do I mean by that? If I was going to embark on a mission to open and maintain a successful business, I wanted it to have a purpose. I wanted that purpose to be more than creating income, yes that is important for many. However for myself, that wasn’t my main concern. I was more concerned with, “How can I give?”.

Kindle Kandle’s purpose would be children. I have a goal to deliver 5% of all sales to a charity (still undecided) for children. As of now we haven’t been able to achieve this goal, but with your support, and God, we will complete this goal by January 1, 2021. We will then become “Kindle Kandle for kids”.

We currently sell paraffin wax scented candles. Wherever you want to travel by scent... WE CAN TAKE YOU THERE!!! Eventually we will expand to include bath products, essential oils, etc. Subscribe on our newsletter at kindlekandle.com to keep up to date with the our newest products.

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